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eurodata: a modern employer and trendsetter

Employees who get on so well that they even go for fundraising and other activities together in their free time are certainly not a thing to be taken for granted these days. Yet at the Saarbrücken software manufacturer eurodata this kind of positive work climate is a daily feature. What’s more, the team of more than 600 employees is ‘multicultural’ in the truest sense of the word, being made up of skilled workers from 17 different nations.

This unusually good work climate, reflected for example in some very good kununu rankings, is significant from many points of view. For one thing, it is the best possible precondition for successful projects, i.e. also for good products. And it also helps to ensure that eurodata customers are satisfied and recommend our solutions portfolio to others.

Stephanie Böcker, head of HR management at eurodata, says: “You can’t ask for anything better than a company people actually enjoy working for. This cooperative togetherness, the pursuit of common aims, and last but not least the fact that the employees really live moral values such as reliability and solidarity, are not things that can be taken for granted.” Not least, the great esteem in which the eurodata management holds its employees can be recognised by the number of levels at which the company supports them, for example with advanced training courses, special bonuses, ergonomic workplaces, a company pension scheme and the possibility of gaining experience abroad with subsidiaries in other countries. And the encouragement of social, athletic and cultural activities is another cause Stephanie Böcker feels should be promoted. So we’re happy to sponsor employee projects, even if they are of a private nature. There’s a football team, a mountain bike team, enthusiastic runners – all sportspeople who repeatedly represent eurodata by taking part in fundraising campaigns.

The Saarbrücken enterprise has plenty to offer the young too. For example, eurodata awards scholarships and offers young men and women the chance to gain insights into everyday work at a medium-sized software enterprise as working students. Those who wish to do so can write a term paper or thesis in cooperation with eurodata too

In the sense of its own aspirations to sustainability, the company has also sealed a cooperation scheme with the bicycle leasing company Jobrad. The aim is to give the employees the option of being equipped with a bicycle at reasonable cost, which they can use to come to work, for example.

With these exemplary work conditions, its innovative cloud solutions and, not least, its above-average commitment to its employees, eurodata has been one of the most attractive enterprises in Saarland and beyond for over 50 years.

For more information about career opportunities at eurodata go to: careers – eurodata