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eurodata-Group expands into Slovak Republic

Right away, Slovakian filling stations can now also work with the controlling solutions of the eurodata-Group

At the end of last year, the Austrian subsidiary of eurodata AG launched a Slovakian version of the leading filling station accounting system edtas. Meanwhile, the first Slovakian filling stations of the ‘Benzina’ brand are using the software.

The Czech market leader Unipetrol, which does business in the Czech Republic with the ‘Benzina’ brand, has been availing itself of eurodata’s tried-and-tested controlling solution edtas for years now. Jakub Miloševski, Head of the Fuel Stations Planning & Adm. Dept. at Unipetrol, says: “Thanks to our good experience in the Czech Republic, edtas was a clear choice for us when we decided to expand into the Slovak Republic. Having standardised software in both countries makes our business on this new market much simpler.”

Prior to its deployment, edtas had to be adapted to Slovakian fiscal law. Now, the solution has a standardised bookkeeping methodology which is used in both the Czech and the Slovak Republic. That has made it possible to draw up meaningful business analyses and make meaningful cross-border and cross-currency business comparisons.

As a new partner, eurodata has been able to enlist the services of the tax advisors’ office RVD, headquartered in Bratislava. RVD provides professional services and advice in the areas of bookkeeping, payroll accounting and taxes. Together with eurodata, RVD ensures that the filling stations in the Slovak Republic get their business management analyses quickly and in a clear and standardised form.

Markus Huemer, managing director of eurodata Austria, says: “Together with RVD, we’re looking forward to being able to offer edtas to Slovakian filling station operators and petroleum companies now too. So now the Slovakian Benzina filling stations are among more than 10,000 European filling stations that get their monthly accounts and business analyses from edtas.”