edrms - Retail Management Suite

Eurodata has designed its software suite, edrms to fully meet the business needs of professional retail organisations, from individual sites to international networks of retail outlets. edrms is a powerful retail management software suite designed and developed for professional retailers at outlet and headquarter level, from point of sale through the back office to head office, supporting both centralised and de-centralised business models, including franchised operations. In the case of indirect operations (e.g. Franchise), the solution takes into account the necessary legal and financial independence between the organisation and its outlets.

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The state-of-the-art suite for the modern fuel and convenience retailer generates multiple business benefits which we summarise as the four pillars of progress: managing your network, boosting sales and margins, reducing operating costs and maximising bottom-line profits.

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Manage your network

The fully web enabled HOS solution gets the fuel and convenience retailer’s head office users in the driver’s seat. The solution has the flexibility to successfully support large, medium and small international networks and single sites, with a complete range of functions, for both centralised and de-centralised business models, all easily and infinitely configurable.

Essential head office functions such as central operational management with intuitive dashboards, central product assortment and supplier management, central fuel and non-fuel price and promotions management, central supply chain management, are just a few of the key functionalities offered.

Simultaneously, the system offers the flexibility (by settings) to deploy decentralised business models enabling smart mechanisms for key processes such as local product and local supplier management and local price and promotion strategies.

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Boost your sales and margins

The unrivalled marketing intelligence offered by edrms, give the head office users all the key metrics such as sales, purchases and stock level information to optimise the fuel and non-fuel business performance of the network of filling stations.

Aggregated KPI reports and subsequent drill down functionality (till item level) enable the fuel and convenience retailer to optimise assortment, pricing and promotion strategies and assure 100% distribution rates of fast moving items. In-basket receipt analysis including sophisticated cross sales analysis enable optimisation of key elements such as store lay-out & routing and promotion strategy.

The marketing intelligence solution provides for advanced easy to use internal benchmarking features which are essential for the modern fuel and convenience retailer to optimise fuel and non-fuel business of each station.


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Reduce operating costs

The suite edrms helps the modern fuel and convenience retailer to reduce the operating costs by automating key business processes, simplifying administrative workflows, and reducing costs of staff. Electronic data interchange is a concrete example whereby inefficient paper based workflows get converted in efficient electronic workflows eliminating errors and reducing dramatically administration costs. Off-the-shelve solution edbilling reduces the costs of getting invoices to the customers by over 80%!

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Maximise your bottom-line profits

The alma ata of the fuel and convenience retailer is to boost the bottom line profits. The financial business intelligence solution, edfibis, is the “de facto” standard of the fuel and convenience sector giving the user a continuous sharp picture of the financial business performance of each site by means of standardised easy to read balance sheet and P&L. Consolidated multi-site reports give the head office user an overall view on the business performance of the network of filling stations enabling to internally benchmark and get the overall network at a higher profitability level.