Eurodata and edrms

Eurodata has designed its software suite, edrms to fully meet the business needs of professional retail organisations, from individual sites to international networks of retail outlets. edrms is a powerful retail management software suite designed and developed for professional retailers at outlet and headquarter level, providing for back office to head office, supporting both centralised and de-centralised business models, including franchised operations. In the case of indirect operations, the solution takes into account the necessary legal and financial independence between the organisation and its outlets.


Building of eurodata Germany, France and Austria

The eurodata AG is in Germany certified according to

ISO Grafik eurodata

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Address and Directions (for France)

Eurodata SAS
Z.I. Carrefour de L'Europe BP 30180
Rue Victor Grignard

Telefon +33 387 852 534
Telefax +33 387 850 013

Eurodata Benelux
29, Route de Kehlen
L-8235 Mamer
Telefon +352 51 51 09
Telefax +352 26 51 36 31

Eurodata España S. L.
Centre d´Empreses de Noves Technologies
Parc Technològic des Vallés
E-08290 Cerdanyola-Barcelona
Telefon +34 935 824 592
Telefax +34 935 824 489